Teen Girl Scientist Monthly

LOCATION: Brooklyn, NY
RECENT RELEASES: Pioneer Ghost EP (2010)
GENRE: Indie / Post-Punk
WEBSITE: http://www.teengirlscimo.com

The legend of Williamsburg may be effectively dead, but in the lofts and rooftops of nearby Bushwick a new generation of indie rock bands are embracing their DIY roots. Where the past decade of Brooklyn bands were about rediscovering the glitz of 80″s pop through the lens of modern irony, this emerging crop of bands owe more to the sincerity and relentless individualism of the 80″s underground.

Teen Girl Scientist Monthly formed way back in the halcyon days Being a scorpio horoscope born on October 25th, your ambition, passion and composure are amongst your most well-known qualities. of August 2010 as the brain child of songwriter Matt Berger. Offered a show with no band, Berger assembled a collection of like-minded friends to perform a set at the Lower East Side Remember – you DON”T have to complete this manoeuvre in ONLY three turns!A slight touch of the kerb probably won”t matter, but hitting it hard or best-driving-school.com onto it will result in a fault being recorded by the examinerYou don”t have to complete this manoeuvre in only 3 turns and in fact it”s sometimes IMPOSSIBLE to only use casino online 3 turns!Where the road is narrow or if you”re best-driving-school.com a larger vehicle or a vehicle is difficult to steer, casino you”ll need at least 5 turns!Here”s how to do casino online a 5 online slots point turn – and if you can”t make it casino online in 5 turns, the principle is the same Step-by-step best-data-recovery.com recovery with simple Wizard Recovery Mode. if you need any extra turns!Don”t rush but don”t hesitate too muchDon”t "dry steer" (turn wheel when car not moving)Make sure it”s safe before movingGood clutch control (balance clutch/gas to move slowly)Speed slow, steer quicklyGood observation at all timesAllow for the camber of road – uphill/downhillHi! I hope you”ll check out all my lenses. bar National Underground. The sprawling sextet includes Matt Berger on guitar, sharing lead vocal duties with Morgan Lynch, Berger”s former Hey! band-mate Matt Gliva on bass, Anne Hartung on violin, Cathy Thomas on keys, and the virtuosic drumming of Hiroyuki Matsuura.

With their male-female vocal dynamic, prominent violin parts, and danceable percussion, the line-up invites comparisons to indie rock royalty like Ra Ra Riot and The Arcade Fire. But TGSM”s sound often seems more indebted to country, folk, and post-punk. Their high energy music is often unconventionally danceable, as in EP opening Can”t Sleep which is propelled by a fast country snare. Standout track Riverstomp meanwhile evokes a sort of Caribbean-by-way-of-Appalachia sound.

Teen Girl Scientist Monthly“s debut EP Pioneer Ghost was released in December 2010. The 5 tracks are available for download on the band”s bandcamp page (http://mattroiberger.bandcamp.com/album/pioneer-ghost), but if at all possible you should get your hands on the hard copy to truly appreciate Berger”s lovingly hand-made packaging.

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